Saturday, 3 March 2012

Leuchtturm1917 week per page diary

This years main diary is a pocket size Leuchtturm1917. I won it thanks to the wonderful folk at The Paperie. It's the traditional black colour although Leuchtturm have a wonderful range of colours in their notebooks. The style is week per page but opposite each week is a page of lined paper. This is a very useful format and adaptable to different needs. The space for each day isn't large and so won't take a lot of detail. I tend to split each day into halves for morning and afternoon meetings and can fit in time, title and venue though usually abbreviated. My evenings are seldom recorded in this diary but I may write something on the lined side opposite the relevant day.
The paper is cream, perhaps 90g but certainly 80g weight. My diary entries are always in pencil but it takes most pens I've tried on it beautifully.
Additional features: a back pocket (yawn), an address book that slips into the back pocket and can be transferred to your next diary (better) and a few pages of perforated plain note pages at the back.
As you will see From the pictures I like to add some moo stickers to my notebooks. Size wise it's perhaps a bit taller than a Mokeskine pocket but not by much.
I've been very happy with this one so far although I do also have a Mileskine Colour a Month Diary to tell you about. Thats for another day. This is the first blog with pictures and text from my iPhone-true blogging on the go. Surely how it's intended to be. I have no idea how this will look when published so bear with the bear here but it could mean the intention of writing this blog on they train could finally materialise.

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