Sunday, 4 March 2012

Leuchtturm Large Dot Grid Notebook

Here we have a large dot grid notebook from the Leuchtturm1917 family of notebooks.  I usually use lined notebooks for work and yet I do love a grid.  However a dot grid was a new idea for me.  I think overall, while its a great idea for many circumstances it perhaps doesn't quite suit my style.  I can see for people who need to do more of a mix of writing and drawings it might be great but my work involves mainly writing with only the occasional flow diagram that probably suits grid paper more than anything.
The notebook itself is good quality.  The paper has a smooth feel and yet there is a small bit of tooth about it.  The cream colour will be a favourite for many. I'm not too bothered by that and maybe lean towards bright white if pushed.  I can never remember paper weight but in fairness I'm not sure it tells you on the label.  The size is 145x210mm, it has 249 numbered pages and a blank index.  The numbered pages could be very useful depending on what you use it for.  It also has an elastic closure, ribbon marker and pocket at the back as most of these types of notebook have.  It also comes with labels for the front and spine of the notebook for easy reference in case you have several notebooks in your possession - as if that would ever happen!
I've been using ballpoint in this pen in the main and of course there is no problem with that and as you can see the pens I've tried look fine.  There is no bleed but a bit of show through on the other side.  Mainly with the Sharpie - does anyone use a Sharpie to write in a notebook? I have used it as other notebook blogs seem to always include it but I cant think why I would use a sharpie in a normal notebook.

I used most of this notebook for a 6 month work secondment and dont really want to fill it with other things so I am back to another Sicura notebook for work that I picked up from TK Maxx (I bought 3 and I do really like them).

Would I buy another Leuchtturm? Yes I think I would but probably a grid version would be my preferred option.  One last think is the colours available for these notebooks are superb.  Something for everyone I think and you can have a whole matching range of sizes.

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Rori said...

Thanks for the review--I LOVE Leuchtturm notebooks! I got the planner this year (late tho) and it's just as fab.

Best notebook I've ever used :D-- and I'm no stranger to nice paper as I use fountain pens.