Monday, 14 November 2011

Return to watercolour

It's been about ten years since I painted anything in watercolour. I feel like I've just been too busy for it. It is a wonderful pastime where you can totally lose yourself in the paint for a while but you need to have time to spend. Another reason I remember for stopping painting was my frustration at not being able to draw. Ten years on I still can't draw and I think I now know its not essential for painting.
So tonight in my Travelodge armed with a small Windsor and Newton field kit and a size 12 ProArte connoisseur brush I finally put brush to paper again.
Things I remember about my issues are, amongst other things, I have trouble relaxing and painting freely, I have trouble leaving white in the painting and I need to remember to let certain areas dry before going any further. I did two watercolour sketches just to get back in the saddle. Plenty to improve on but if I don't actually apply paint to paper I'll never get better. More importantly I enjoyed it.


Julie (O-kami) said...

Yay! Welcome back. These are lovely

Aj Banda said...

wow.. such a wonderful art.. I wish I still have the time to paint.. :|