Saturday, 6 February 2010

January Creative Challenges

Thanks to a link from Twitter pal diysara I came across this site: Daisy Yellow.  It is a site full of creations and creative ideas.  One of the regular blog entries sets monthly creative challenges.  I liked this idea because we all need something to aim for or a bit of motivation or just a reason to take 15 minutes for ourselves.  All the challenges are attainable and you can pick as few or as many as you like.
I chose to try these challenges
  • Read a book just for you
  • Alter a recipe you frequently make
  • Write down a quote and share it with a friend
How did I do?  Well I've started to read a book.  The Modern History of great Britain by Andrew Marr.  I dont know much about politics or the things that have shaped our country and Andrew Marr is a good storyteller.  The trouble is it's quite a big book and so I'm often put off carrying it to work on the train.  So that has held me back.  Lesson learned: choose smaller books.

This month I have been trying out a few new recipes and playing about with some I've used for a while so I wont bore you with these but I have been sometimes pleased, sometimes disappointed with my efforts.  I haven't had to throw anything straight in the bin though, so I count that as a success.

The quote I chose to share came about because I bought a self inking stamp for £2.99 in LIDL.  You can make your own words and phrases from letters provided in the pack.  I chose
'All those who wander are not lost'  Words from JRR Tolkein.  I popped the letters into the stamp to make this phrase.  It took a couple of attempts because I'm not so good at spelling backwards and mistook Q for O on account of my fortysomething eyesight.  I stamped it on a card and drew a wee tree beside it.  Well my friend loved it.  It does suit her as you might think she is a bit lost but she does love to wander.  She's now added it to her signatures on the forums she uses.  I've been amazed at how pleased I was about the success of something so simple.  I've picked February's challemges but it's a short month so I'd better get a push on it.
Thanks Daisy Yellow....

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