Thursday, 7 January 2010

New Year, New Creations

So far I've been quite focussed on stationery but I keep saying to myself that this year I shall be more creative, return to watercolour painting do more photography.  I improved a bit last year but hopefully I can do more in 2010.  So far the best thing I've come across to help me is the blog Daisy Yellow that sets challenges for each month and recognises creativeness in it's broadest sense.  Perfect for me as I'm not greatly talented in any creative area but like to play about a bit!  I also must thank diysara for providing the link to this site on her Twitter.

So as a result of this I made soup using a different ingredient to normal (I hadn't thought of soup making as being creative) and did a wee sketch while waiting on the soup to be ready.  I can't let you taste the soup but you can see the sketch.  I used a Pilot V5 Hi-techpoint and (forgetting the ink wasn't permanent) I then used Daler Rowney watersoluble Artist's Pencils and a Pentel waterbrush to add some colour.  Because this made the black ink run I kind of wished I'd used Berol Felt Tip pens to add colour but I do like my Oxo cube. So all in all a very creative lunch break.  I may add the odd sketch in if i keep this up.  I hope I do as I enjoyed doing it and realised the end result isn't going up on the wall so it's okay no matter what it turns out like.

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