Thursday, 3 December 2009

Field Notes Winter Colours

Here is the neat little package I received through the door from Field Notes the other week there. I had thought I'd been a bit rash ordering the Winter colours. After all I'd ordered them direct from Field notes and paid international postage to get them here even though the excellent The Paperie had them soon after. However what you dont get is the selection of extras if you order from elsewhere. And while it wouldn't be a reason for ordering from the US all the time i did enjoy getting those extras through the door.
There was a Field Notes button badge which is now proudly being worn by Puxsatawny Phil who sits on my desk, this rather strange rubber band that could hold your Field Notes notebook together but in truth I'm not sure what I would use it for. I had a look on Flickr but noone there has been particulalry novel in their use of the rubber band. Also in the pack was a Field Notes pencil which is fine and a Field Notes pen.
Now the pen is the big surprise in the envelope. I picked it up, thinking what a rubbish pen and immediately felt some sort of shift to my youth when all pens were rubbish. I was really surprised by this but also by the fact that it writes really well. No ink blobs that I seem to remember being the problem with Bic ballpoints. So it hasn't actually been out of my hands since. I've written all my Christmas card addresses with it and have popped it in my bag to take with me.
I suppose I should mention the notebooks seeing as I actually paid for them! They were the gridded version in three shades of blue/grey and have a blue ink grid and silver printing on the front and inside covers. The usual quality paper to write on and they do indeed have a winter feel to them. I've had an idea to customise one and might even do my first giveaway with this idea!!! Stay tuned because I imagine I have so few readers the chances of winning the giveaway would be very high!
Of course as usual I'm not quite sure what I'll use them for but they will get used eventually.